Get down and praise our lord in heaven
Stand up and praise the other one on earth
Our state will stand for us forever
Through any hardship we shall pursue our cause

Bestow the grace and glory of the church
Upon each arrogant and poor
Art condescends towards them kindly giving
What was only meant for noble ones before

Forget the straightness
And do not pivot 'round rectangles
Nor confine yourself to cheerless narrow halls.

The wallets of the few swell with riches.
So they, once were allowed, show off and spend exceedingly
On gilded ornaments and intricately carved wood.
Neat marble caves the choose to live in
Are filled with leveled eerie sound
Of tightened strings being pushed against a rosined wheel.
Or sometime else the many blind eyes of mascorons
Watch over someone playing clavicine
And sense the vibrant echo bouncing of the walls.